H&M For All: A Healthy Start

Sånt här gör mig glad att läsa. Jag är för att kvinnor är vackra i alla former och jag tycker vi ska komma bort från det här "skinny is perfection"-syndromet som har härjat allt för länge. 

H&M has pledged to only use healthy models, with the aim of representing a diverse spectrum of women in its campaigns and adverts.

"We have a huge responsibility here," said H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson. "We're a large company, many people see us, and we advertise a lot. We want to show diversity in our advertising and not give people the impression that girls have to look a particular way. By and large, I think we've succeeded: we've many different kinds of models from different ethnic backgrounds. In our last campaign we had a somewhat more buxom model, and now we're using Beyoncé, who's a bit curvier as well. I believe that the models in our advertising should look sound and healthy. There are models who are too thin or obviously underweight, but there are also those who're just thin, and they're the ones we should keep working with, as long as they look sound and healthy."

Persson added that, although the company's intentions are good, that there is still room for improvement. He admitted to having made "mistakes" in the past concerning the label's choice of models.

"I don't think we've always been good," he told The Metro. "Some of the models we've had have been too skinny. That's something we think a lot about and are working on.  We're not blind to the issue. But I have to be honest and say that some of our models have been too skinny. That's not OK."

The Swedish brand also reportedly adhered to the demands of its campaign star, Beyoncé, who was allegedly annoyed to discover that the shots had been retouched and demanded that only natural pictures could be used. A spokesperson for the firm declined to deny or confirm the rumours, stating only that "both H&M and Beyoncé are very happy with the campaign".

- Johanna


Carolina - Stall Assla säger:

--> Nu har vi en Veckans Blogg uppe, var gärna med om du vill vinna en speciell länkning!

Ha en bra fortsatt dag!

emmaoster.blogg.se säger:

klar förbättring av hm! :)

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